A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party

I posted several weeks ago about what I cooked for my mum’s birthday. Well on her birthday, August 9th, we went to the Sanderson Hotel in London and met up with some members of the family to have afternoon tea. For £35 a person you can have the Mad Hatter’s Tea. It was a lovely event and the food was great. The sandwiches, scones, Victoria sponge and green tea mousse were my favourites.

The menus are found within copies of ‘Our Mutual Friend’ by Charles Dickens.

menu 1

There’s the food:

menu 2

There were rolled sandwiches on homemade bread including cucumber and chive cream cheese on spinach bread, smoked Cumbrian ham with wholegrain mustard on sun-dried tomato bread, egg mayonnaise with watercress and smoked sea salt on lemon bread and cold smoked salmon and lemon butter on dark rye bread. Here they are:


Then there were the sweet items, scones and mini quiches:

afternoon tea

There are classic home-baked savoury (black olive) and sweet scones with herb butter and fruit preserves. Also there are  ‘strawberries and cream’ homemade marshmallow mushrooms; a carrot meringue served on a bed of pea shoots; a ‘Tick Tock’ traditional Victoria sponge clock and a melting mango cheesecake coated in rainbow patterned white chocolate. Plus, there’s a lovely Matcha green tea and white chocolate mousse served in a chocolate tea-cup.

Then there’s the Drink Me Potion:

drink me

There are several teas to choose from which turn up in whimsical tea pots:

female tea potmale tea potAnd cups and saucers:

cup and saucer

I had an apple juice and a hot chocolate as well as trying the specialty teas:


Then of course there was the birthday cake:


As a side note, we went to the Hilton-Metropole Hotel for a late dinner and I had the chicken stir-fry:

chicken stir fryWith some egg fried rice:

fried rice

and I also had a virgin pina colada:

pina colada

It was a really lovely day!



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